Meet and Greet vs Meet and Assist What really is the difference?

The term meet and greet and meet and assist are often used interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference between the two since they both refer to different services.

Defining Meet and Greet at the airport

Meet and greet is a reception service focuses mainly only around transport assistance and usually starts by passenger being met at the exit of arrival terminal with a sign printed your name, by a driver or a transport agent who then shall escort you to your waiting vehicle.
Upon being received you will be safely escorted with your luggage to your awaiting car and its not assured that a porter is available.
Challenges faced by passengers at the airport can only be solved by booking airport meet and assist facilitation services.

Is Airport Meet and Assist the Same as Meet and Greet?

Understanding Meet and Assist

Meet and Assist

This is a more specific term that refers to the act of providing assistance to passenger, typically in a professional setting such as airport. An agent offering this services is usually very knowledgeable of their airport therefore makes its easier for the passenger to clear through all formalities quick and fast.

In some airports the meet and assist agent can meet you at the aircraft door while in other airports you can be met at the entrance of the arrival terminal. Different airports have different security protocols , irrespective of where the agent meets the passenger they should fast track with clearance at all stages hence a guaranteed smooth experience.

Additionally some challenges such as loosing or having delayed bags may be experience occasionally.Your meet assist agent should be able to assist with the process of retrieving the bags.



Meet and Greet

Meet and Assist

The Purpose
Welcome someone
Provide assistance
The Scope
The Context
Any setting
Professional setting
The Service
Basic service
Comprehensive service
Airport concierge services by umbato Safaris

Meet and Assist Services on Your Arrival

This is an airport fast track service that provides personal assistance to clear through all airport arrival formalities.

In some airports it may also be inclusive of airport lounge access, buggy service, porter service, and more to help tourists avoid long airport lines and forget the difficulties of complicated airport formalities.
For all arrivals, visitors will not have to worry about where to go or what to do at the airport because personal assistants will lead them through all airport procedures and ensure that they are escorted and transferred to the departure gate or chauffeured automobile in the event of an arrival.

Umbato Safaris offers Meet and Assist service that includes everything a client would require for a smooth arrival airport experience.

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flight departure

Meet and Assist Services on Your Departure

Passengers on departure can book meet and assist to shorten the time taken from check in departure formalities until you get to the boarding gate. No more worrying about pushing heavy bags from your parking or long lines at the terminal entrance.

At Nairobi Airport, this service offers a smooth exit as part of your departure journey from the car park straight through to your boarding gate at the busy Nairobi airport.

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International Flight Transit Procedure at JKIA

Meet and Assist Services on Your Flight Transit Connection

Passengers that are in transit or having a flight connection that need assistance in navigating from one airline to the next ,collecting their bags in the shortest time possible. Navigating JKIA international airport is not that easy hence a helping knowledgeable hand can make the difference between a successful connection or missing the next flight

Do you have a tight flight connection or flight transfer or flight transit  window?

Book our transit services and get expedited through all airport flight transit formalities on priority from arrival until you board next flight. Transit facilitation service cater for both international to domestic and Domestic to International flights.

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