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Jomo Kenyatta International Airport [JKIA] || Ultimate Terminal Guide 2024

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport [JKIA] – Ultimate Terminal Guide 2024

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) is the busiest airport in Kenya based on 2023 passenger numbers (8,800,000). JKIA is a major hub for Kenya Airway which has sole occupation of Terminal 1A.

Although all of the airport’s five terminals are physically connected to each other, it’s easy to travel between them and the parking garages by walking and utilizing the free airport inter-terminal bus transport service


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Navigating Airports Made Easy: 8 Reasons why Meet and Assist (2024)

Navigating Airports Made Easy: 8 Reasons why Meet and Assist (2024)

Navigating new airports, battling jet lag, and tackling unfamiliar customs  the magic of travel can wear thin upon arrival. Let’s face it, airports can be stressful, especially for first-time visitors or those arriving after a long journey. Worry not, weary traveler!

Introduce yourself to airport meet and assist services, designed to transform your airport experience into a seamless and stress-free transition. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first adventure,
our friendly and professional team will be waiting to welcome you with a warm smile, easing you through all arrival procedures and assisting with everything from baggage claim to transportation arrangements.

So relax, leave the logistics to us and let the adventure begin!

International Flight Transit Procedure at JKIA


International Flight Transit Procedure at JKIA

International airport transfer procedures at Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

If you have a connecting flight at Nairobi JKIA, find out how to get between arrival and departure terminals, what happens with your luggage, and how to get it to your connecting flight.

There are various connection and transit flights at JKIA Nairobi airport:

1.International to International Transit Connection

Passengers arrive on an international flight and connect or transfer to another international flight.Our Meet and assist services can assist passengers with all airport formalities


2.International to domestic flight Connection

Passengers arriving on international flights and connecting or transferring to domestic flights. We can help airport customs avoid passengers missing their flights due to lost or delayed luggage. Sometimes a transit visa is required


3.Domestic flight to International flights Connection

Passengers arrive on a domestic flight and need to quickly transfer to international flight at a different terminal. We can assist with all airport formalities and ensure passengers receive their luggage. If your connecting flight is with another airline, you may arrive and depart from different terminals. Find out how to travel between Terminals 1A,1B,1C,1D AND T2 at JKIA, and what you need to do with your bags..

Frequently Asked Questions while on Transit

What happens to my bags?

When you connect on two different flights at JKIA Nairobi airport, your luggage may be marked and transferred to the next flight, or you may wish to collect your luggage from the baggage carousel and check in again at the port of departure.


What if you book your entire trip with one airline, including connecting flights with partner airlines? 

There is no need to collect your luggage upon arrival.
Just go to the transfer desk, Check-in on your next flight. During your transit layover period, your luggage will be checked and sent to your next flight.


What if you don’t book all connecting flights with the same airline?

You must go through immigration, collect your luggage from the carousel and go through customs. Leave the terminal and take a taxi or bus to the departure terminal. Check-in for your next flight. You may need a transit visa to leave the airport and transfer to the next terminal.


Top tips for easy connections in JKIA Nairobi

The easiest and most straightforward way to connect through Nairobi is to book your entire journey with one airline, or with similar partner airlines where possible. Always Keep your luggage tags safe in case you loose your bags.Ensure you labels your bags distinctively to easily identify them at the baggage claim.

How do I book Flight Transit Connection Meet and Assist Services at Nairobi airport?

Before you rush to book a Connection Meet and Assist Service at Nairobi airport, its important to understand they type of connection you will be going through at Nairobi airport.More important to know if your connection window between the two flights is enough for you to manage by yourself in some cases or seek for airport connection assistance help.


Is Airport Meet and Assist the Same as Meet and Greet?


Is Airport Meet and Assist the Same as Meet and Greet?

Meet and Greet vs Meet and Assist What really is the difference?

The term meet and greet and meet and assist are often used interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference between the two since they both refer to different services.

Defining Meet and Greet at the airport

Meet and greet is a reception service focuses mainly only around transport assistance and usually starts by passenger being met at the exit of arrival terminal with a sign printed your name, by a driver or a transport agent who then shall escort you to your waiting vehicle.
Upon being received you will be safely escorted with your luggage to your awaiting car and its not assured that a porter is available.
Challenges faced by passengers at the airport can only be solved by booking airport meet and assist facilitation services.